Digital Advertising Specs

Digital Advertising


Dimension measurements provided in pixels. 
File size limits provided in kilobytes.

Cube (Medium Rectangle) | Dimensions:
300 x 250 | File Size Limit: 40K

Leaderboard | Dimensions:
728 x 90 | File Size Limit: 40K


File Formats Accepted
GIF, JPG, PNG, HTML5, 3rd party ad tag

72 dpi (dots per inch)

Color Profile
RGB only

Animation may loop 3x, 24 fps, 15 seconds max recommended for standard ad units.

Click-Through URL
Click URL must be included when creative files are submitted or through a 3rd party ad tag. Length cannot exceed 1,000 characters.

Ads must not be designed to blend in with the site, mimic editorial fonts/colors, include fake form elements or incorporate graphic symbols that represent non-existent functionality. If the creative has the same background color as the site, it must contain a visible border.

Mobile Advertising


Mobile Cube | Dimensions:
300 x 250 | File Size Limit: 40K

Mobile Banner | Dimensions:
320 x 50 | File Size Limit: 15K


File formats accepted:
JPG, PNG, GIF, 3rd party ad tag – static or animated

No Flash

Ad-server launches banner size based on screen dimensions of user’s device.
If you include a 640×100 Mobile Banner (File Size Limit: 35K) this can be displayed in place of the 320×50 on a larger screen to avoid pixelation.

Email Marketing


HTML Version: Formatted Imagery And Copy

Overall width must not exceed 640 pixels. No height requirements.

File Size Limit:
Total sum of images must not exceed 200K file size

Please supply final HTML file and all images in JPG/GIF/PNG format that are contained within the e-blast. Animated GIF and SWF files are not accepted.


To ensure the e-blast is executed in compliance with e-mail client restrictions, please follow the best practices listed below.

Avoid using dark backgrounds with light-colored text, as some e-mail clients do not support background formatting in HTML. White or light-colored text is unreadable on a default white background.

Do not use cascading style sheets (CSS) to format HTML, as it does not render in certain email clients. Inline style sheets do render properly.

Do not use background images, as they cause the layout to appear incorrectly in different browsers.

Use formatted text in HTML to display information important to the e-blast’s message. Images should only be used to enhance the look and feel of an e-blast, since e-mail clients allow users to block images in received mail.

Subject Line
Must be relevant to the e-blast message. A reference to the promotion is suggested. Please keep the subject line simple, honest and straightforward. Suggested limit of 40 characters or less.

Provide all click-through URLs and document their location in both the HTML and TEXT versions of the e-blast.

Text Version: Unformatted Copy

Supply e-blast copy unformatted in a TEXT or Word doc file.

Video Marketing

Standard Specifications

Dimensions: 640×480, 640×360 (widescreen)
Aspect Ratio: 4:3, 16:9 (widescreen)
File Size Limit: 5 MB
File Formats Accepted: MP4 preferred

In-Unit Video

Supports video from YouTube or advertiser
Aspect Ratio: 4:3 or 16:9 (widescreen)
File Size Limit: 1MB per 30 seconds of video (up to 10MB)
File Format Accepted: mp4
Codec: h.264
Frame rate: 15, 25, or 30 fps
Audio: MP3, mono, 32, or 46kbps


  • Sound must be user-initiated
  • Functioning video controls visible – play/pause, audio, rewind
  • Video must not be embedded within the Flash file
  • No frequency cap

Pre-Roll Video

Location: Video contained within in-page VAST compliant player

Refer to standard specifications
Run-time: No longer than 15 seconds


  • VAST redirect URLs accepted

Live Stream Video

Location: Video during commercials breaks of the WHNT News 6 Live Stream

Refer to standard specifications